High Ranking Bloggers, What's the Secret, How Do They Do It?

Google recently caused quit a stir with it's new "unavailable_after" tag in the blogosphere. It is a different ball game altogether when breaking a story in a blog compared to writing for high ranking newsletters. One of the blogging spot posted the news of the "unavailable_after" tag, soon other bloggers caught on to the story and words spread as fast as fire. One minute there were no results with that phrase and the next about 93,000 results. Any article that had focused even slightly on this phrase or even mention of it their articles and Title tags showed up in ranking in the search engines.
This is what brought to light the ten types of bloggers that are online today. They range from the good, to the bad to the sleazy. The first good type seek permission before republishing articles and give link backs and a bio. They purpose is to add content to their blogs and so they publish the full article along with the links of your choice. The good seconds are those who republish the articles without consent but give links to the blogger's spot and the original author as well. However, the main writer does not have any control over the bio link content.
The third good type of bloggers blog about what is written in their own words without duplicating the original work. They also add their unique commentaries and opinions sometimes even criticizing what has been written. The forth types are the bad kind. They blog by picking from other blogging sites and then give links to both the bloggers sites and the original author and walk away with all the credit that belonged to the original author.
The fifth type are really bad for they not only blog from other blogging sites but leave out the original author. Their intention may not be to snub by that is what they end up doing. The original writer does not get any credit. The bad bloggers from type number six only digg their posts and not the original article after picking a topic to blog on.
The seventh type are the sleazy kinds. No permission is sought for republishing and no link is given. They may or may not mention the author. This is a case of infringement of copywritting. The last lot of sleazy bloggers fall in the eighth category. They may or may not add links but add a lot of other crap and contextual texts to the original content. This is commonly seen these days. They hardly get traffic, it's a wonder they even bother.
There are two other blogger types but they do not fall in either of the three categories. They exist nevertheless. One of this kind of bloggers blogs but gets all the facts wrong and will not change it unless the mistake is pointed out the other kind of bloggers are those that blog for the sake of blogging because every one is doing it so why shouldn't they? I hope you fall in the good bloggers category, if not you now know what to do.

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